Nordic Lights

NORDIC LIGHTS® is a company based in Finland which designs and manufactures LED, HID (Xenon) and Halogen work lights for the heavy duty on-road and off-road industry as well as innovative Xenon driving lights.

The slogan of NORDIC LIGHTS® is: “Lights for Heavy Duty”.

The NORDIC LIGHTS® work lights are used in the most difficult and demanding working environments all over the world. The visibility offered by the high quality optics of the lights supports your machines in maintaining high working efficiency during dark working hours while the lights themselves need very little maintenance. The use of NORDIC LIGHTS® products ensures that darkness, vibration, shock, dust and humidity will not affect visibility when the results of your work and safety depend on effective lighting.

NORDIC LIGHTS® aims to offer the right solution to each consumer. Combinations of different light patterns, brackets, vibration dampeners and cable connections can be applied to optimize a light for different applications and a specific set of conditions.



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