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OWEN Resistance thermal converter ДТС294-РТ100.В3.80/2

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Designed for temperature measurements of solid, liquid and gaseous media, non-aggressive to protective fittings and material of the sensitive element (SE) of the sensor. The cable outlet provides convenience and speed of installation, but limits the upper limit of the measured temperatures - up to 150 °C (TFE with copper SE) and 250 °C (TFE with platinum SE).
Rated static characteristics (NSH) according to GOST 6651-2009:
TSM 50M and 100M (W100 = 1.428, α = 0.00428 °C-1) TSP 50P and 100P (W100 = 1.391, α = 0.00391 °C-1) TSP Pt100, Pt500, Pt1000 (W100 = 1.385, α = 0.00385 °С-1) DTS versions by connection type: two-, three-, and four-wire connection schemes.
Resistance to external mechanical influences according to GOST R 52931-2008: resistance thermocouples without mounting elements (in smooth metal protective fittings) correspond to group V2, the rest to group N2.
Reliability indicators of thermal resistance DTSxx4 subject to operating conditions (probability of failure-free operation):
DTS with platinum CE
in the temperature range from -50 to +250 °С - not less than 0.95 for 40,000 hours; in the temperature range from -196 (-60 °C - for RT100, RT500, RT1000) to -50 °C - not less than 0.95 for 15,000 hours. 


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