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OWEN МКОН-24.WIFI and МКОН-230.WIFI Modbus protocol converter

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The device is designed for mutual conversion and data transmission of Modbus ASCII / RTU and Modbus TCP protocols via RS-485 and Ethernet / Wi-Fi communication interfaces, respectively. For protocols, Master and Slave modes are supported.

Two specially developed plugins for working with the device have been added to OWEN Configurator:

"Configure gateway" will help you quickly configure the protocol converter for one of the ready-made scenarios:
Master in Ethernet / Wi-Fi network - Slave in RS-485 network
(support for up to 32 slave devices in the RS-485 network without repeater)
Master in RS-485 network - Slave in Ethernet / Wi-Fi network
(support up to 31 Ethernet slaves)
"Sniffer Modbus" will allow viewing the exchange of packets between Master-Slave devices connected to the gateway.

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