ОВЕН МПР51-Щ4.03 RS Temperature and humidity controller, time programmable
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The OWEN MPR51-Shch4 software controller is designed to control multi-stage temperature and humidity conditions of technological processes in the production of meat and sausage products, in the baking industry, in incubators, thermal and climatic chambers, cooking and drying cabinets, in wood drying, in the production of reinforced concrete structures, etc.

The device is produced in a panel housing type Shch4

Functionality of the ARIES MPR51 device

  1.Measurement of three parameters:

      chamber temperature (“dry” thermometer) Tdry

      temperature of the “wet” thermometer Twet

      product temperature Tprod

  2.Calculation of two additional parameters

      temperature difference ΔT = Tdry – Tprod

      humidity Ψ by the psychrometric method (according to the readings of “dry” and “wet” thermometers)

  3.Two PID controllers to maintain any two of the five values ​​above with high accuracy

  4.Four output relays for connecting heating elements, cooling systems, valves and other actuators

  5.Regulation according to a user-specified program

  6.Additional relay and 8 transistor switches:

      to signal an accident and the end of program execution;

      to control additional equipment

  7.Auto-tuning of PID controllers

  8.Levels of protection of device settings for different groups of specialists (adjusters, technologists, etc.)

  9.Built-in RS-485 interface optional

  10.Configuration on a PC using the configurator program (a special cable is used to connect to the PC)

Standard applications for MPR51

   Temperature and humidity meter-regulator (Tdry, );

   Meter-regulator of temperature and temperature difference (Tdry, T);

   Two-channel temperature meter-controller with an additional alarm channel (Tdry, Twet, Tprod).

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