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ОВЕН ПД200-ДД0,2-155-0,1-2-Н High precision intelligent pressure sensor
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ПД200 is a high-precision intelligent pressure sensor that provides continuous conversion of excess pressure, vacuum pressure, excess-vacuum pressure, absolute pressure and differential pressure of the medium into a unified output current signal 4...20 mA and a digital signal of the HART protocol or a digital signal of the Modbus RTU protocol on based on RS-485 interface.

ПД200 pressure transducers are designed to measure pressure or pressure difference in automatic regulation and control systems in primary and secondary production in industry and housing and communal services: gas distribution systems, gas metering units, energy facilities, boiler “drums” in boiler houses, steam generating facilities, ventilation systems.

Measurement environment

Air, steam, various liquids, neutral to stainless steel.

Distinctive features

   High measurement accuracy – accuracy class up to 0.1%.

   Ease of setup and operation - the ability to reconfigure the measurement range and other parameters from the front panel of the sensor.

   Multi-range – the ability to reconfigure the measurement range to a lower measurement limit (reconfigure up to 100:1).

   Remote parameter settings – the presence of a HART interface for transmitting information about the state of the device and measured parameters in digital form.

   Easy integration into control systems – RS-485 Modbus digital output or HART digital signal.

   The sensor is included in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.

   Free initial factory verification.

Main characteristics

   Upper measurement limit: from 0.1 MPa to 10 MPa;

   Housing protection degree IP65.

   Accuracy class 0.1%; 0.25%.

   Temperature range of the measured medium: -40…+85 °С.

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