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ОВЕН СМИ2-М Тhree-color Modbus indicator with RS-485
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ARIES SMI2-M is a four-digit segment indicator that is used to display the value received via the RS-485 interface. A special feature of the device is its compact dimensions and original form factor for installation in a hole with a diameter of 22.5 mm, standard for lighting fixtures.

SMI2-M has the design of SMI2 , but differs in a number of improvements - a three-color indicator, the presence of a MicroUSB interface for configuring the device and expanded software functionality.

Operating modes

To obtain the displayed value, the device uses the RS-485 interface and the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol. SMI2-M has three operating modes.

Master – the indicator acts as a master device, polling another device and displaying the value of one of its parameters. This allows you to display data from a device that can only operate in slave mode (TPM, FC). The indicator color changes and blinking occurs according to the built-in indicator logic specified by the user.

Slave – the indicator displays the value received from the master device (for example, PLC or PR). Changing the color of the indicator and turning on blinking can occur either by command from the master device (according to its program), or by the built-in logic of SMI2-M. Multiple indicators can be connected to one RS-485 bus.

Spy – the indicator connects to a bus in which there is already a master device and “listens” to traffic, waiting for a request or response with the specified parameters (device address, function code, register address). This allows the device to be used in already operating systems where it is not possible to reconfigure the equipment. Another option for using this mode is synchronous updating of data on multiple indicators using broadcasting from the master device to address 0. For each indicator, an individual register number is specified in the listening request, which allows each device to extract “its own” from the broadcast request. data.

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