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ОВЕН БП60А-12 compact power supplies for automation cabinets
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OWEN БП60А power supplies  are designed to power devices and sensors with a stabilized voltage of 12 V. Recommended for use in automation cabinets where a solution that is compact in width is required: case width 35 mm.


Features and Benefits

  • Convenient installation in an automation cabinet: removable terminal blocks, compact housing (width 35 mm).
  • Possibility of parallel connection of two power supplies (for redundancy) without additional devices.
  • Versions for normal (-20…+50 ºС) and extended (-40…+70 ºС) climatic ranges.
  • Output voltage adjustment: ±8%.
  • Minimum ripple level (less than 0.5%).
  • Guaranteed protection of the power supply and load: from short circuit, overheating, overload, limiting the output current at startup.

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